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Get rehabilitated with short-term home care

Ensure your basic needs are covered easily and seamlessly with our short-term home care services. The services we provide allow seniors and disabled persons to live with the dignity they deserve. Let us help you with self-care tasks that you might find difficult to complete on your own.


With our FREE consultation, you can get an honest assessment on the service you need.

Daily assistance with:

• Personal hygiene and grooming

• Dressing and undressing

• Self-feeding

• Bowel management

• Getting into bed

Attentive assistance during your emergency

• Ambulation with assistance

• Ambulation without assistance

• Functional transfers

Get a fully licensed home care professional in your home today.


For over 9 years, our local staff has provided honest and reliable service to customers like you.

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High quality personal care

Trust the staff at Virginian Home Health Care with all of your short-term home care needs. We're committed to providing you with excellent personal care to improve your physical, mental, and social conditions.

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A caring environment to aid in your recovery

At Virginian Home Health care, we will guarantee that you or your loved ones will be cared for. We will provide assistance not only with daily life activities, but also on a number of support services such as light housekeeping, linens, and errands.

Promoting Genuine Companionship

We also encourage them to actively engage with their hobbies and recreational activities and consistently remind them of the necessary medication during their recuperation.

Advanced Nursing Skills

  • Monitoring vital signs

  • Wound care / dressing a wound

  • Injection

  • Administering medication

  • Diet management

Daily walking Mobility assistance Daily encouragement